Choosing The Right Foundation For Your VoIP

Choosing The Right Foundation For Your VoIP

The cloud is becoming more and more popular in the business world just as it is in our personal lives. The cloud provides numerous advantages in VoIP technology, but some Arlington, TX businesses do still prefer to use premise-based infrastructures for their VoIP phone systems. In truth, both options have their own advantages and drawbacks, and learning which may be best for your business will take learning a few of these and keeping them in mind. 

Comparing Cloud And Premise Based VoIP 

To determine if a cloud or premise-based VoIP is best for your Arlington, TX business, a little comparing and contrasting is in order. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and it all depends on just what your particular business is looking for. A few top comparison points include: 

  • Installation and maintenance – Cloud and premise based VoIP systems differ widely in installation and maintenance. For premise-based systems, VoIP phone systems are installed in your office and are usually managed by your own tech staff. This will involve installation and hardware costs, and third party maintenance teams can be hired if necessary. 

Cloud-based VoIP systems will involve all hardware and software hosted by your VoIP provider, and this goes along with maintenance as well. Aside from the physical phone systems, no additional hardware is necessary and all maintenance can be done on a virtual level by provider professionals. 

  • Control – Premise based VoIP systems provide better control when compared to cloud based systems. Your systems can be designed to suit your own needs, providing more customization for your company’s behalf. For bigger companies with IT teams, controllability is a big selling point for premise based VoIP. 

For cloud based systems, control is one sacrifice that is made in favor of the convenience of professional maintenance. Cloud hosting relinquishes some control to your service provider, but your provider does not have the right to monitor calls or breach any part of your business confidentiality. 

  • Security – For many, premise based VoIP seems like the obvious choice in terms of security advantage, but this really only rings true if you have a large and savvy IT team that fully knows and maintains all of your VoIP’s various capabilities. For large companies, premise based may be the better security choice. 

For smaller and medium sized businesses, however, cloud based VoIP may serve your company better. Every aspect of your VoIP security will be handled by your provider’s professional team, giving you your own savvy security team that comes with your VoIP service. The team will be highly knowledgeable about their products and service, and able to pinpoint any vulnerabilities while reducing any areas of attack. 

Doing What Is Best For Your Business 

When comparing cloud based and premise based VoIP systems, one thing becomes evident – what works for one business may not be the best fit for another. In truth, there are many advantages and disadvantages with both methods, and it all boils down to which will suit your day to day business life better than the other.