Comparing Sound Masking And White Noise

Open concept offices are more popular than ever, and for good reason. Arlington, TX are seeing the many benefits that come with open office plans, like fostering collaboration and innovation, and they’re seeing the few downsides that come along with them, too. Mainly, open concept offices, while they do foster creativity and innovation, can also be something of a distraction. Multiple professionals working hand in hand at once can lead to a good bit of noise, and for those doing jobs that require quiet, this can be frustrating. 

For this reason, office-building owners are flocking to two solutions: white noise and sound masking. While both set out to accomplish the same goal, there are some benefits to choosing one over the other. 

The Benefits Of Sound Masking 

For some, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to eliminating distracting sounds is to add background noise to the mix. The logic behind this has to do with an unstructured white noise type sound drowning out the distracting sounds, and giving the brain a new less distracting sound to focus on. There’s a big issue with this concept, however. White noise has a linear function, and it has to have a profile completely unique to itself, so at a volume high enough to effectively drown out other sounds it in itself becomes distracting on its own. 

Sound masking, however, addresses the problem more effectively. Sound masking systems are more intelligent than white noise systems, as they take in ambient sound, analyze the frequency, and counter it by producing an opposing frequency of its own. While white noise produces sound on its own, sound masking systems work to correspond with structured sound while not producing inherent sounds on their own. A few key benefits of sound masking systems include: 

  • They can be discreet – Sound masking systems don’t need to be heard, and they don’t need to be seen. In a Arlington, TX business, they can be installed in ceilings, in floors, or within walls. The sound masking system will be out of sight, and out of mind. 

  • They mask an entire space – White noise systems can be somewhat unpredictable, and they may not work well in larger spaces. Sound masking systems, however, create a constant sound field to effectively reduce noise pollution. 

  • They can be used anywhere – Sound masking systems can be used anywhere without creating a more distracting work or learning space. 

Comfortable Noise Distraction Elimination 

For Arlington, TX businesses, noise pollution may seem like a distracting annoyance that you have to put up with. With sound masking systems, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re working in a co-working space or an open office building, sound-masking system is an effective tool to make sure every employee is able to work comfortably and effectively at any time. Not only are these systems more effective when compared to white noise machines, but they also tend to be more cost effective both immediately and in the long run.