Make Your Voice Over IP Transition Successful With These Tips

Make Your Voice Over IP Transition Successful With These Tips

For those Arlington business owners that don't know, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows individuals to make calls via a Broadband connection rather than through a traditional landline. However, upgrading to one of these systems can be a bit tricky and challenging. Therefore, it is a good idea for anyone considering the transition to have a clear understanding of the necessary components that they will need.

Why? Well, if persons fail to acquire the knowledge, they likely won't have a great experience. When a business is part of the equation, the matter can seem even worse. Calls can be dropped, which can cost the organization both clients and money. So, before running right out and buying the items that you think you need, read further to learn more about the essential parts. In turn, you, employees, and customers will remain happy.

Don't Underestimate The Importance Of A High-Quality Router

It is highly likely that your office already has a router in place. The unit probably came from the service provider, or someone purchased an aftermarket device. Unfortunately, these routers won't get the job done as they don't allow for Quality of Service or Bandwidth Management. Session Initiated Protocol has to get prioritized to ensure that calls don't become garbled. This can happen when a Arlington co-worker is downloading a large document or file. Nobody is telling you to break the bank and spend thousands of dollars on a new router. There are plenty of suitable models on the market for less than $400.

Think About Installing A POE Gigabyte Ethernet Switch

Here is that lingo again. POE stands for Power over Internet. The majority of IP phones come with an external power supply. However, when people choose to use these items, they add to clutter on and under their desks. Also, the units have to be plugged into a backup battery pack to assure the devices don't become unusable for a few minutes every time there is a power glitch.

Sadly, there usually isn't room to plug in all of the phones into the battery pack either. So, make sure that you have an adequately sized battery pack and install a Layer 2 or 3 Switch. This equipment will allow you to create VLANS to separate your VoIP traffic, which makes for a better overall experience.

The Right Provider Can Make All Of The Difference In The World

There are lots and lots of reputable nationwide VoIP providers, but going with one of them may not be the best choice. If a problem pops up, they might not be able to get a technician out to the location for a day or two. Obviously, this won't work as your business will be dead in the water. Thus, choosing a local company can nip this issue in the bud. The Arlington organization still gets the same great service, and agents are quick to respond when an issue arises.

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