Five Signs Your Business Needs VoIP

Five Signs Your Business Needs VoIP

There are many ways that technology has helped us improve our business. One of the most impactful has been communications technology. The invention of mobile devices, wifi and networks, and VOIP has made it possible to expand our markets and reach clients all over the global. If your business is growing, it is time to consider taking full advantage of these technologies and implementing a VOIP system. Here are some signs that it is time:

1.Your Frequently Miss Calls

Traditional phone lines require you to stay at your desk. This doesn’t work for busy managers, offices that are on an 8 to 5 schedule, or places with limited staff. In all of those cases, calls get missed. When calls are missed, so are business opportunities. With VOIP, you can forward your calls to you and your employee’s cell phone with the touch of a button. That way they can answer no matter where they are, never missing a call again.

2. Your Business Is Expanding

Adding new phones lines is expensive. It requires a lot of installation, hardware, and service. So if you are rapidly growing, your phones may end up being one of your biggest expenses. Add to that, if you have gotten new international clients, these phone calls can run into the thousands. VOIP is one transparent monthly charge and you can make as many calls as you need to anywhere in the world. The installation and hardware is also a lot more affordable and extremely versatile to meet any growth. 

3. You Need More Mobility

VOIP is a great option for both corporate offices and employees on the road. The convenience of a VoIP is even available worldwide. Wherever there is broadband internet, you can log into your telephone and call your customers. It is that simple. It’s perfect for remote workers and companies that require a lot of travel. 

 4. You Want To Improve Productivity

Traditional phones can hurt your productivity. They require employees to be at their desk, look up their contacts, and run back and forth to ask questions. With VOIP all of these issues are solved. Employees can answer their calls from anywhere. They can easily source their contacts form the VOIP database and quickly dial in another person to conference if needed. These time saving features leave your employees free to take on other tasks and get more work done.

5. Your Phone Bill Is Too Expensive

Company phone bills can be pretty outrageous. Even small businesses can incur thousands of dollars in charges every month. However, VoIP averages around $25-40 per user depending on the technical specifications. That’s it. One flat rate every month. This not only helps you save money, but your accounting team will love having a consistent overhead cost they can plan around.

If your ( business is experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to talk to Relia VoIP. Our expert technicians will work with your team to set up a VOIP system that saves you time, money, and is easy to use. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more!

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