Why High Speed Internet is Important to Renters

Why High Speed Internet is Important to Renters

Many people in Arlington, TX may view the internet as a utility that can be grouped with other utilities like water and electricity. However, if you use the internet on a daily basis, then it may be something that needs to be elevated to a different level and put within its own category completely.

We use the internet for so many things that it is hard to imagine our lives without it. From watching tv, streaming music, and paying bills to staying in touch with family and friends and buying products, there really isn’t much you can’t do on the internet these days.

While the other utilities are definitely important, it is now to the point that having high-speed internet access is just as much a need as the others and now we are seeing just how important having internet access is to Arlington, TX renters.

What Role Does Internet Play?

When surveyed, several renters reported that if they were satisfied with the internet service they were receiving, they were much more likely to renew their lease and continue to live there. Many of them ended up saying they were not satisfied and had since moved onto other locations with better service.

What does this mean for the landlord? Lost revenue and an empty unit.

How Do You Budget for Internet Service?

Next, it is important to figure out how a renter budgets for their internet service. For example, does it factor in together with your monthly rental budget or is it considered separate? More than likely, renters will say they do figure it into their rental budget because of the typically high prices most internet service providers charge.

With these higher prices, they find it a necessity to factor the amount into their monthly rent while also ensuring that the service they are getting is high-quality and not leaving them stuck paying for something that isn’t working how they expected.

Renters usually just want internet service and are not interested in a television package or landline, so any bundle that the provider offers isn’t going to be appealing. Instead, they will be taking a much closer look at the cost of the internet and the speed.

Price and Speed

These are the two main factors when it comes to choosing an internet provider and are the two things that renters want to improve on when it comes to their service.

Is Internet a Utility or Amenity?

Back in 2016, a ruling by the FCC declared that the Internet is now a utility and will be regulated as such. They are essentially saying that internet service is just as high a priority as other essentials such as a phone and access to power.

Having access to the internet as a Arlington, TX renter is important, and if you find that you have less than desirable service in a certain area, you are more likely to look for other arrangements.

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